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Our vision is help others achieve and maintain health and wellness. The human body will heal itself when given the proper tools. Nutritional supplements including herbs, vitamins, minerals, homeopathics, etc. are some of these tools.

Consultations provide a one on one opportunity to learn about what is taking place in our bodies. Every body is unique and desires individualized attention. The same symptoms can have different root causes. The scientific methods described throughout this website are used to identify the needs of the body.

Meetings are a great way to educate many people at one time. We all benefit from learning how to better take care of ourselves. Ann and Mindy speak frequently on a variety of different nutritional topics. It is a joy using the healing methods described throughout our website. If we can serve you in any of these areas please contact us. We would love to minister to you. James 1:5.


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Commitment to Quality Products

"Nature's Sunshine Products is committed to bringing our customers the very best botanicals from all over the world. And we don’t take our suppliers’ word for the quality of their facilities. We travel the globe to audit our suppliers firsthand and make sure they are building quality into their entire practice. We go to different harvesters and find out where the best crop is that year so we can use the highest of quality ingredients."

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Quality Tea from Yogi Tea Company

"To ensure consistency and quality, Yogi ingredients are meticulously reviewed and tested for insecticides, pesticides and heavy metals. Our ingredients are handled carefully, from the time they're harvested, through the manufacturing process in our organically certified facility. We strictly adhere to the prohibition of GMO ingredients as required by the National Organic Program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and by Quality Assurance International (QAI), our third party organic certifier. This process ensures Yogi teas are made to our own scrutinizing standards and ultimately deliver unsurpassed quality to you, our customer."

Pure Herbs, LTD

"At Pure Herbs, our commitment to quality and personalized service is what sets us apart. We take satisfaction in our ability to provide unsurpassed service and quality extracts. Because of our commitment, we purchased our largest building, enabling us to purchase larger quantities of the finest herbs available to ensure your continuous supply. Purchasing larger quantities & having a facility large enough to store them, enables us to keep quality extracts at an affordable price. We are pleased to say because of this we have had only two price increases in 33 years. Emphasis on quality extracts along with loyal Distributors has been the key to our success."